Be gentle with me

Hi all, dumb question from a newbie.

Thinking of buying in the near future.
How hot does it get in an S1, in the summer and also when sitting in traffic? On my drive home from work I normally have to sit in a 15min jam.

Hmm? I’m not sure I’d want to put a VHPD engine through a 15min boil that often. I’d have thought a Head Gasket Failure would beckon.

They’re much happier when there’s air flowing through them. The glass behind your head is almost untouchable after a few minutes in traffic. Other than that, I wouldn’t have said they were too bad unless it’s a baking hot day and you’re in a suit.

Unless you’ve got some great roads when you’re not in traffic you’re also not going to feel the specialness.

Take one for a drive before you decide though!


ps. Sorry, should have said this first, “Welcome!” You’ve found out about a cracking car!

however, an S2 will sit there all day quite merrily and not get upset -sat in a 3hr jam on the m25 last year on a hot day with no probs and engine didn’t go over 89!