BBS Upgrade !

OK, I’ve finally got round to upgrading this BBS to the lastest version.

You should find:

  1. It runs much faster.
  2. Searches are much much faster.
  3. You can send instant messages (PMs) to each other…
  4. You can upload an avatar to be used with your postings.
  5. See (6)
  6. erm… and some other stuff …

Mr Admin - certainly seems faster now just need to work out how to navigate around!
Must thank you (as I’m sure we all do) for putting the time and effort in, it’s all greatly appreciated.

Yep I’ll second that - well done Mr Admin! - is this mk2 version to usher in mk2 Exige I wonder?


Love it!! Great.


Hi Admin,

Question: I don’t have a server, where can I upload a pic to use as avatar?

Send it to me and I’ll upload it to our server.

Another “upgraded” site? Aaaarghhh. I thought it was broken! Aesthetically, it ain’t a patch on the old one, which was very legible and pleasant to use. Sorry to moan David but…

Are you running Netscape or Opera or some other browser which doesn’t support Style Sheets ?

Must admit, looks darn ugly on Netscape. But I don’t care !