BB Hype

Gents,The cynic in me always takes anything posted / published on Internet BB’s with a certain pinch of salt, hence I confess that when I first stumbled across this site at the beginning of this year, the talk of the Exige being a head turner / the pops, bangs and yips & the outstanding handling / acceleration seemed slightly OTT. What a fool I have been - I picked up my Lotus Exige on Saturday (I traded in a VX220 and Brought Don Stewart’s Lotus Racing Green Exige - advertised on this board!) and can categorically agree with all comments posted here - The VX did get a fair share of looks but nothing in the calibre of the Exige - the car does Yip occasionally - the car does pop and bang on overrun - but most of all the handling is like nothing I have driven before (abet that does include a Renault 5 “Campus” in my student days) believe the hype, the car is the perfect Grin Inducing machine…(right I’ll cut off now and top salivating).Couple of questions:1.) - Being mechanically challenged, is it wise to attempt to change the exhaust / cat pipe myself (I’ve read a few posts on this)?2.) - I’m London Based - can anybody recommend a good Lotus Service Garage?3.) - When is the next meet arranged for?

Welcome to the club duggan!1. I understand Kwik Fit could do the exhaust change quite simply, so if you’ve got their tools I guess you’d be fine.2. All garages seem to get a ribbing once in a while but I’m sticking with Bell & Colvill (West Horsley, nr Guildford), as they seem to make less mistakes that others (surely the worst form of service!). If you’re not worried about offical Lotus dealers, and want to save a little money, then I understand Lakeside Engineering near Woking are very good.3. We had a meet at the Ely pub, just off jct 4 (or 4a?) of the M3, last summer. I guess another is in order soon!Ian [image][/image]

Obviously a long lost cousin welcome to the BB�. I would agree with IDG from my experience Bell and Collville seem better than the average dealer.Roy Duggan.