Really basic one to break me in gently!5 days into ownership anf finaly persuaded myself to put it away…My problem is some weeks will be parked up for 6 or 7 days at a time… [image][/image]No mains in garage and not easy to sort, so trickler is out.As I see it this leaves me 3 options:1. Disconnect battery2. Leave and if flat use a quick start box3. Jack my job in! and get more driving in.Yes I know the best answer!Just wondered how long battery likely to hold charge and if any problems associated with disconnection ( other than security fitments )?

Mine still holds sufficient juice to start the engine after 3 weeks.The lack of mains in your garage should not be a problem since there are a number of solar panel chargers available.

Steve,When I first purchased my S2 I found that the battery (with alarm on) went flat after about 5 days. Since I started using the car more, however, and the battery had been charged and discharged a few times,I found that it now holds its charge for at least two weeks with the alarm on. The best way to get around any problem would be to use a solar-powered trickle charger, which will work provided your car isn’t parked in a blackened garage.

Thanks for the advice everybody, solar may prove difficult due to location. But charge retention time sounds promising.Ken can you pass on the secret for being able to keep away from it for 3 weeks - 3 hours is proving difficult at the moment [image][/image]

Not much of a secret. I have three other cars (including an Elise and a V12 E Type). Also I keep finding myself abroad on holiday.All the same I know what you mean, I put nearly 2000 miles on the clock in the first ten days of ownership.