My battery just gave up after only 2 years.Replaced it with a 063 from Halfords with “calcium technology” rated at 400watts instead of 360.Seems a lot better than the original which was always a bit lame.I’d be interested in any feedback on how Nitron springs and dampers affect the ride as the spring-rates are almost 2X standard.Also a camera detector which works for fixed and mobile-possibly GPS + laser detector.

The best battery has been discovered by Paul (Robbo), the Bosche Silver Plus, do a search and you’ll find all the info on it.

I’ve got a standard setup but I went for a very little PX in a car with 600lbs / 650lbs spinf front / rear (I think) and it still rode very well, zero body roll but still enough suspension travel to absorb the road surface, so it would all seem OK really

Can’t help with the GPS / Radar mind, I generally do a driving Miss Daisy on the road


I have a Snooper S6-R camera/radar detector which seems to work pretty well. I would have bought an Origin B2 which I believe are the best on the market but Costco were selling the Snoopers for �200+vat. Only problem I have found is that the GPS looses reception if there are tree above and also not so great when the weather is bad.