Battery Warning Light

Had a nice run down to the New Forest over the weekend, but suffered a minor glitch.On the way down Saturday the battery warning light would flicker as I came on or off the accelorator.However on the run back home (about 10 miles from home) the battery warning light came on perminantly.No loss in performance was noted and the car started ok.Just wondered if anyone else had experienced either a wiring problem or an alternator issue.

Sounds very similar to the problem miketurn had at Oulton last week (alternator kaput)I have suffered a lose laed to the alternator but this does not give any warning on the dash.We tried to get Mikes car back to Bracknell by putting in a fully charged battery for the 200mile 3hrish Journey. With no lights the car manged about 100miles before the battery dropped low enough to cause a misfire… and would not rev beyond 3000rpmI would get it checked out ASAP. If you have a voltmeter measure the volts across the battery with the enginge running at 2,000+ a working alternator should give 13volts+ and indicates the battery is actually charging, anything arround 12.5 volts and below and you certainly have an alternator problem.

PaulMikeTurn had this at Oulton last week. His dealer has diagnosed “new alternator required”.Bummer [image][/image]

PaulI’m Mike Turn!!As the lads have said, new alternator required. Do yourself a favour- don’t drive it till its fixed or you’ll end up stranded - the battery power drains f quickly and you won’t be able to restart it.Good news is that its a warranty job!

Lotus Service Center gave my alternator a clean bill of health, but with less then 200 miles later it was another trip with the RAC man [image][/image]. It is always on the conditioner during the week, and I think this has masked the problem. Some investigation this weekend showed a battery voltage of 13.8V before a 30 mile run, which ended with a battery voltage of 12.5V. All the connections are tight (checked thanks to the other posting). Looks like another new alternator for a ExigeIs s Lucas part (you know the Price of Darkness Company [image][/image] )Chris.