Battery problem

Hi guys, any help on the following would be much appreciated.

I have just removed my battery and had a look around in the space left by it. There are 2 clear plastic pipes. One appears to be connected to something further forwards in the front compartment. However the other is currently not connected to anything. Is this a breather pipe for something or have I pulled this second pipe off in the process of removing the battery ?


Its a breather for the battery, have a look at the battery and you should see where it connects to, I seem to remember its by one of the terminals.


thanks. I will check tonight, do all batteries have a breather pipe connection ( sorry if this is a thick question) ? I am buying a new one from halfrauds tonight !!

Good question, I know the replacement I got from Costco had a vent which the breather went onto, I suspect all sealed battries must have some sort of vent to allow the gasses generated during charching to vent to atmosphere.

to allow the gasses generated during charching to vent to atmosphere.

Charching = Jockish for eating curry

My new Oldham battery had a vent outlet…pipe went straight on
be sure to buy a battery with a handle … my old one did not and was a s**d to remove with string being slid under it to do the lift bit…also remove the rad surround makes a load of differance
see this site Search for more info.
Good luck…they certainly start better with new sparks!!!


As mentioned one of the pipes makes and exit under the car and is a breather/vent for the battery – should fit onto a platic outlet on the battery. The other pipe will most likely be your windscreen skoosher feed.

thanks everyone . I bought a battery without a nozzle for the breather pipe (it should be ok I hope ). The new battery is 400 amps and 70 ah, loads more than the battery that came out !!

all set for croft next saturday !! thanks again guys !!