Battery Changing + charging

Morning All,

This is probably a very simple couple of questions, but as I live on a complex surrounded by neighbours I need to be sure of the answers.

My battery is discharging rapidly and I’m not sure whether the battery is shot or I’ve an electrical short … so the first thing to do is swap batteries.

If I just take the battery out … my alarm will go mental ( I hope ) and annoy everyone within a 200m radius

So …

How do I get the battery out without setting off the alarm ( I’ve been told I have 6secs after I hit the ‘disarm’ button on the key fob to pull a terminal off? )

If I screw up, and set the alarm off, will plugging the new battery in and pressing the button on the key fob shut it up?

Thanks in advance,


Ah that’s interesting, would make sense about the 6 secs…

But you can connect up and turn the alarm off with the fob as have done it recently cleaning up my earth points

Very simple answer - see page 63 of your handbook (S1):

“Disconnecting the battery
If the battery is to be disconnected, the following precautions should be taken:
i) wait for at least 10 seconds after switching off the ignition to allow the engine management system to adjust the setting of some components ready for re-starting.
ii) if the car is fitted with the upgraded security alarm, immediately before disconnection, mobilse the engine using the transmitter button with the ignition OFF, and disconnect the battery within 25 seconds. If disconnected after this time, or when immobilisation is in effect, the alarm will be triggered.”