Battery Bracket

My car has air con. The battery seems to just sit in its location, without being held down by anything. Should there be a battery bracket? If not, how do I fit one in (there is not a lot of room in there)?


There is/should be a bracket holding the battery in place. If I recall, there is a very long bolt next to the battery, which fastens the bracket to the bottom of the battery. It’s easier to undo & remove the battery, than to refit it!

Anyone - know of a battery that will fit an Exige (with aircon) without having to pratt about with bits of wood to make it fit? Checked out the Varta website and they do list a couple for the Exige (blue and silver) - just wondered if anyone had any experience of them?

Looks like mines given up the ghost after 33 months. It just won’t charge up now.

Cheers, Tim


This isn’t the answer you wanted (i don’t know owt abowt varta … but search this site for Bosch, there is a recent post or two on battery replacing

Nathan - fitted a new battery last weekend - v straightforward job (tho’ don’t have aircon fitted on mine) - Silver Plus Bosch 4PT iirc (thanks Robbo) (�36) . bracket on front bulkhead held by 3 horiz m10 bolts - battery v securely fixed - change took half an hour…

Thanks guys - after checking the archives I’ll source a Silver Plus Bosch 4PT type 063

Cheers, Tim

Just to update you guys -
got hold of the Bosch Silver Plus 4PT 063 battery from an Andrew Page branch in Sheffield - but they’ve got them all over the place “oop north” -
Rang up in the morning - not in stock - but they had it on the counter by lunchtime - only �32.99

Not tried the tricky job of fitting it yet (akthough you could argue that negoatiating the Magic Roundabout and the Wicker at lunchtime is tricky enough)

Cheers, Tim