Basic Exige newbie questions

Hi all

I’m looking into buying something, possibly an s1 Exige, sometime soon, and have a couple of quick queries. The car will be a second car, for trackdays, sprints, etc.

  1. Are there any upgrades necessary on a basic s1 Exige to cope with fairly prolonged track-driving (eg better brakes, oil cooler, etc) or is it the full deal out of the box?

  2. Are there any amateur track racing series the Exige is eligible for entry into, or is sprinting the closest I’ll get to overt competition?

    Many thanks

Heh mft,

  1. Yes there are many many options for upgrades - put aside a week or so to dredge through this site and you will be able to read opinions about most of them. Alternatively if you are serious about racing maybe talk to someone like Plans Motorsport about a program of work.
  2. Probably the most popular is the Midengined Sportscar Series. The last race of the season is weekend after next - look in the events section. Quite a few of us will be somewhere around the VVR Team paddock supporting Russ - just look for the bright orange car. Photos of most of the season can be found here .

There will be very few S1 Exiges around now that are exactly as they left factory… Most will have had the common upgrades by now.

  1. The standard brakes are OK, but not great for track use. Most people will have fitted uprated pads (e.g. Pagid RS14) and most likely braided brake hoses. Some people will have upgraded the discs too. Ask any potential seller what spec the brakes are. They almost certainly won’t be standard any more!
    Car already has an oil cooler fitted, but some people like to fit oil temp and oil pressure guages.
    For track competition you’ll need MSA kill switch, fire extinguisher, roll cage etc. Can get expensive.

  2. You could enter the Mid Engined Sportscar Series.
    Click here for info
    However, there’s some very quick machinery there! Hillclimbs and sprints are a good way to get into competing though.
    Depends how big your budget / competitive instinct is!

Whatever you do - just get one! You won’t regret it.

Bugger - too slow!!

You get the idea though

For sprints and hillclimbs the roll hoop is all ready FIA approved so nothing needed there, very handy (something the S2 doesn’t have AFAIK).

The standard oil cooleris pretty big but may not be up to the job for monster marathons, but is fine for 30 - 45 minutes at a time.

Brakes, need decent pads.

P.S. Buy my car, sort the suspension (it has the standard LSS… Which is… OK) and then it has everything else, catch tank, emerald ECU, 190 bhp conversion with vernier pullies ad hoc.

Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Thanks for the replies, everyone

I’m not worried by pads & braided hoses - these are almost obligatory, I guess! I’d just rather not have to start with uprated calipers & larger disks. I’ve had to uprate every area of the car I currently drive, which is not a task I really want to repeat.

The production class of the mid-engined sportscars series looks very promising - the modified class looks a little too hardcore.

Oh, and is there a good FAQ anywhere, particularly covering the various Exige s1 variants? Thanks again

There is the Lotus M’Sport calliper upgrade which is bigger discs, moves the front callipers to the back and a set of 4 piston ones up front… But costs a fortune and there is no dire need.

That said you can fit 295mm discs and space the standard callipers as well.

But I’ve done that too, upgraded everything on a road car, and these fortunately don’t need that! Phew!

Also there are difference in any S1 Exiges, they all left the factory the same… So after that it just what has been done to them.