Barry Ely Exiges

Does anyone have any info on the exiges (3) in Barry Ely’s garage at the moment ?

I am test driving the cars this thursday, and hope to purchase one soon.

Is there anything worth double checking, anything I should know before going ?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Got a link to the garage’s website or Regs of the cars?


link is :

one car has a reg of : Y517 HPE

thanks for any help.

how did u get on with the test drives?? Was it an expensive afternoon?

Well, I’ve gone and done it. After 3 years of wanting an exige, I have now bought one. I am the proud owner of a blue 10K mile S1 Exige 190. I pick it up this Friday.

Well, I’ve gone and done it.

Great stuff

Look forward to seeing you at an event/trackday as detailed in the “Events” section.

Congratulations and welcome to the club!

Thanks guys !!!

I can not wait to drive it. I have bought the car to do track days and so on … so I will keep looking. Oulton Park anyone ?


Welcome aboard

The more the merryer

Does anyone have any positive/negative comments on Barry Ely and his cars ?

I have looked all over the net and can only find a few entries (most of which are positive apart from one).

Also could you help me

  1. How much are A049 tyres each, are these the best to go for ?
  2. How much is a B service ? I have been quoted �360 by cristopher neil in cheshire (however I have heard bad things about this company)

Any help is much appreciated.

Nearly, there are to types of tyres for the Exige, both special and both unique(ish) to Lotus dealers. The A039 was the original and better in the wet, and the newer A048. The newer one is slightly cheaper (Although it’s still about �150 a corner, every 5000 miles or so) and has a bit more grip on track, due to it being much like a cut slick. It’s not too keen on standing water, but with only 5mm of tread from new, neither are amazing with big puddles.

You can go for alternative rubber but you lose out on some of the specialness. (when it’s working, which it normally is) has some service rates.


Depends really, got Toyo Proxes fitted at mo for longevity on road - last twice as long as AO48s but as IDG says they are not special - also they are wanting on track where the Exige’s home really is. Once they are worn out AO48s for me everytime

I replaced my AO39s with Yokohama AVS Sports .

Great on the road but not good grip on the track .

Cant wait to replace them with AO48s or AO39s again .

Oh well ,we live and learn .


Was that you in the yellow Exige at the NYLOC mini meet last week at the Turnpike? If so, sorry I didn’t get the opportunity to say hello - I spent most of the evening outside kicking tyres with SimonE, Dean & Dan

Mr Pesky

No need to apologise , because it wasnt me .

I have a red Exige .

I personally find that the best thing about the NYLOC meetings is the tyre kicking with other Lotus owners in the car park .

At least thats where you will find me .

I do look forward to meeting the famous Mr Pesky and many of the other Exigers .

Who wouldnt .


WELCOME to From th epics your new car looks excellent. I don’t think you should worry too much about its previous owner and his infamous video - its a bit late now anyway eh…

I’m sure the car will be fine. Hope to meet you soon.

If its the same one we’re talking about, just make sure the plate is taken off the air intake! Bad things are likely to happen!


Thanks for your support guys . I have decided to continue with the purchase and see how it goes. The plate is been moved by Barry along with a couple of chips been fixed.

I pick the car up tomorrow hopefully, so heres to the weekend.


DSE, where did you take the car for a test drive in Leyton? - it’s always solid with traffic when i’m passing through Might check out the other two cars in there.

I dont really know the area, he took the car out towards a large round about and showed what it can do. Barry 'demon’strated the car to me, he can really fooking drive. Go try the other two, you will not regret it.