Bargain - not!

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my token support added… anyway… its fun to have these debates a bit us n them but fun all the same…

Cheers Rox

Bit of a hangover this morning, & not too tolerant I’m afraid! Totally out of character, of course

I went to see this car, and the other identical one he has.

Depends what you are looking for, but put it this way, when I saw it (to their credit they hadn’t touched it at this point) it looked as if it had been stepped in and out of 20 times a day for the last 3 years…which to be fair, it had!

The ebay car (relisted now) went for 18.5K (damaged repaired) so 19K for these…ummm not so sure. Residuals are hard to judge on cars that have a ‘history’.

I’m with Pesky on this, I would much prefer to have a car which was owned by an enthusiast rather than a company, who inevitably always look at the bottom line. Read into that what you will.

Cheers Rox

Bit of a hangover this morning, & not too tolerant I’m afraid! Totally out of character, of course

me too…

Just to add to this debate I actually drove this car today and it drove like a dog, serious rumblings from the rear coupled with major misfire and guages pointing at the maximum, yes right the way round and pointing at the bottom of the stack. We had to bump start the car as when the sales guy turned up at my place for my test drive the car would not start due to a flat battery, it has got serious charging problems which in turn may have something to do with how rough the engine was running.
To be fair the chap said he would get all the problems sorted and bring it back for another test drive but I do think that this is a well worn car all round.
This is the third car I have now looked at and only one is in the running at the moment that is the first car I saw.
The second car is advertised on the autotrader as “stunning throughout” after travelling 60 miles to the dealers I found an average condition silver exige with a can of magnatec next to the engine which on turning the key just clattered whilst turning over with not a hint of firing.
The sales guy told me the battery needed charging because the dials were flickering when he turned on the ignition, I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was talking a load of crap and that they all do that as they re-calibrate, so car No.2 wouldnt even start, also it was advertised as PAS!!!
So far 3 cars and only one worth buying, I was hoping to find at least a couple more so as i could compare

If the car turned over with not a hint of firing it sounds more as though the salesman was not aware of the immobiliser which resets itself after 30 seconds…

Probably all he had to do was to repress the alarm button to disarm it, and off she rumbles…

Cheers for the info Steve

Looks like 1, challengers 0.

I notice no-one else has lifted the gauntlet on the elise bbs…

I hope you find the car you are looking for… i’m sure you will 'cause most comments I’ve seen on this bbs from those hunting an exige are positive

happy hunting.