BARGAIN Exige for sale !

Lotus Exige 2000 X Reg, 20,000 miles.

Reduced from �21,750 to �19,995 due to new car, 177 BHP Engine, Metallic New Aluminium , black leather, full Lotus Service History (Lotus Ribble Valley), alarm, Usual Exige Specification To Include Headlamp Covers, Driving Lamps, Factory Category 1 Alarm, Quick release Momo steering wheel (price also inc. Standard Exige wheel) Black Alloy Wheels, Kenwood “Face Off” CD Player, Absolutely superb example of an unmodified Exige, new Yokohama AO48 tyres.

Contact: Tony Prosserv
Tel: 07711 036248

E-mail: [email protected]

“Reduced from �21,750 to �19,995 due to new car”

Does the phrase “due to new car” mean you’ve just bought a new car and need a quick sale? Or do you refer to the imminent arrival of the S2 Exige?

I believe that S1 Exige residuals are likely to strengthen considerably, as the overall “pseudo racer” concept of the S2 leaves a lot to be desired, in many peoples’ eyes. Essentially, it’s still a great car, but isn’t quite as focused and complete as the original it purports to supercede.

My S1 pretty well hibernates for the winter. Just looking at the car “in the flesh” on the drive this week reminded me how special it looks and feels to own one.

What I’m trying to say is that the Exige concept is about to get a major shot in the arm with the arrival of a new car. This will draw inevitable comparisons with the S1, which many people agree will be favourable.

You may have seen a post on here the other day, with someone looking for takers to swap/px his S2 135R Elise for an S1 Exige. The comment being how similar the new Exige looks to existing - and more versatile - Elise variants.

And don’t forget that your original price is still around �10k cheaper than a reasonably specced new S2 will cost.

All I’m suggesting is stick to your guns if you can. In my experience potential Exige buyers aren’t worried about cost to the same extent as they are concerned about owning one of the most well thought out and best handling cars at ANY price. And don’t forget there are no more than 270 examples in the UK.

Anyway, best of luck with the sale.

Please let us all know what you do manage to sell it for.


I believe that Tony has already committed to a MK2 Exige.

Tony’s MK1 is a very good/nice example, so someone should pick up a bargain there! See HERE


stop de-valuing my s2 135R!!!

I gotta say - it does look pretty similar to the s2 exige, and the roof comes off…

In short, what Hethel is saying is:

Tony et all possible sellers: SELL HIGH!, don’t sell so cheap!

It would do wonders for everybody else, you know? and you’ll get more money by the way.

My feeling is that if somebody is looking for an Exige they can pay �24K without problems. The ponly possible to sell cheap would be to sell fast to a non-Exige lover, somebdy that is not really looking for an Exige but that finds that a bargain.

Your bang on with my thoughts there Uldis

Sorry if I appear to be devaluing your 135R Barnster. I assure you this isn’t the case. I completely agree with you as to your car’s similarity to the new Exige - in fact I think the styling of the 135R is a triumph by comparison.

Please bear in mind that this is an Exige forum and you are therefore going to read a lot of stuff biased towards our cars - with absolutely no offence to other Lotus owners intended.