Bargain at only £100,000

Elise GT1 without the Engine:

The car is probably faster, even without the engine than their web site!Kee [image][/image]

might be interested…if they included that nice transporter as well!

What would have powered this then?

quote:What would have powered this then?It was a V8. IIRC it was American in origin (it wasn’t the Lotus V8).

Anyone fancy going in a half share…oops just checked the bank ballance maybe next year [image][/image]

Not a half share but count me in for 5% - 10%. [image][/image]Just need 9- 19 other willing fools. [image][/image]Serious BTW, if possible to get back on the track at reasonable cost with Esprit V8 TT (the original engine used).Sounds like a job for Pit Lane, methinks.Would be nice to own a wee bit of Lotus history.Anyone else interested?

As I’m sure everyone is aware, it was a silhouette racer and bore no resemblance to the Elise we all know and love. However, I might be up for a small stake in a piece of Lotus history…

Right, that’s two.What about the rest of you?

Afraid we missed out on this.I phoned Oakfields today and the Elise GT1 has been sold. [image][/image]