Ball Joint removal

Okay, So what is the best tool to remove these?
which way do they get pressed out

Get a proper tool mate, if you start swinging hammers and stuff, you will just knacker things.


Sean - have you tried using that tool? Does it work well?

I�ve tried it today for the first time. Piece of cake!

I�ve tried it today for the first time. Piece of cake!

but will it stand up to repeated use?

I borrowed the one I have from a friend, who recently changed all the ball joints of his Elise. So, after two sets the only thing I can say is that it works like new. In the end of the day, you do not have to change ball joints everyday! If you do, I would recommend a proper press.

do you not have to get things realined after - ( “things” means i dont know what im talking about but im sure you have to have something done!)

The ball joints can only go into one position, so nothing to �reline� after. Like I said, it is a easy and straight forward procedure. I forgot to mention that I used a vice to keep the wishbones stable (I had them out of the car), but AFAIK it can be done without removing them, too.

But you will need to check the geo once it’s all back together.

I don�t believe so, as you just replace a part that does not affect any of the angles, but I might be wrong!

I belive it’s a wise thing to do. What do the rest of you think?

personally I would want to get the geo checked everytime i did anything to the suspension area (wishbones/balljoints/uprights/wheel bearings/dampers etc etc) but there are a few jobs where you could debate the need, but i don’t think eevrything will go back exactly as it was before and you only need a millimetre or so difference in th ewrong place and the geo will be out, also all the geo settings are inter-related to a greater or lesser extent.

I might not be in a hurry to get the geo checked after changing a balljoint, especially if i had done it without removing the wishbone or steering arm or toe-link, but i would want to check it anyway.

Im with Rox, get geo checked before every race regardless of changes

I agree too - mainly because it makes me sound like I know