bad parking

got home tonight and found that some git has backed up the front of my S1 scratched paint and left black marks up the front no note to say sorry
if this isnt bad enough yesterday they backed into my evo as well im sure its one of my neighbours seen her do it to other cars she just doesnt care [image][/image]



Those pics make me cringe! Hope you catch him/her doing it!!

That sucks!

by the looks of the marks on your car it doesnt seem to have any paint or black marks from another cars bumper.i would think its more likely to be a van thats hit your car,also looks about right height.but i would be having a look at your neighbours vehicals anyway because whoever hit it has your blue paint all over it,the scumbags.

looked about tonight looks like its my have been a neighbour with a rav 4 exhaust is exactly the same height as the scratch ill be haveing a word tommorrow but they will ust deny it as they may well have rubbed the paint off their car
must sort out a garage

Cheeky b*stards- makes my blood boil that sort of thing. Hope you find 'em and make them pay.

I cant leave my car anywhere without worrying about it since that discovery hit me, just glad I saw it happen as painful as it was cause I dont think he even knew he’d done it.My dad suggest I put a road cone infront of it everytime I park, might just fit in the boot. Might feel like a tit putting it out but if it avoids having to replace the whole front panel or having to claim insurance may just be worth it.suppose a pillow or one of these big exercise balls may do it.
Im in the market for a house as it worries me so much parking in the street, and my only criteria is a driveway or garage

yeah id live in a shoe box to have a drive or garage

Had my Elise hit twice in two days (back and front), needed a new front clam by the time the guy had got his Merc off my car! Lucky his wife made him leave a note. Said he wanted to do it with out insurance co. That changed when he got the quote for the repair!

Think it has improved slightly with the brighter colour but already got a scuffed rear clam
Always pick my parking spot carefully now.
With the broken window as well really wishing I had a spot off road.