Bad Pagid pads

First trackday with the RS15s, and first impressions are that they are very grabby on first contact, not what I like.Then as they heated up they started squealing madly, then a horrible vibration / juddering started, as if I had a warped disk. But then after I let them cool down they were fine again, so not a warped disk then.I noticed some white residue coming from the sides of the pads. Could it be the pads are melting, or the glue that holds them to the backing plate?Mark

MarkI think the general opinion is that the RS14 is the better pad after all - they are now available again.Have you driven through much salt on the roads ? -

I have found the pad’s to be extremely noisy in normal driving, but fantastic for last minute braking on the track. The stopping power of the pads is truly amazing compared to the normal pad’s and i have found the half a second i was looking for, turns out i had left it at the 25m boards all along.

Yep, probably quite a bit of salt. Surely can’t be that I’m seeing after 100 miles on track though can it?Going to try to get some 14s though.Mark

As alternative to the Pagids, I use Mintex 1144s. They’re somewhat cheaper too!I may of course be “lighter” on the brakes than some of you guys, but I find the 1144s fine both on track & road.

How did you get on at Donny Mark??Someone told me that you were outpacing the Noble at one point!

“One point” ?? Pah! [image][/image]The car was great that day, shame you missed it. Bit of understeer in the morning prevented much commitment, but once the tyres warmed up it was fantastic. Loads more speed now.Had a great tussle with the silver Noble. Took him 3 laps to figure out the Exige was quicker and he was using ALL of the kerbs and more whereas I was just brushing them. After he let me through he just slowly dropped back. Pretty even though all in all. Expected him to walk away down the straights like the Tuscan, but he didn’t.The Tuscan was a more extreme fill your mirrors down the straight, but shrink to a dot through the bends thing. I could just about hang on to Peter’s 911 but I was dropping back, without the brake trouble there would have been little in it.So apart from the brakes it was the Exige’s best performance so far. Not a surprise considering the 190 and the 048sApparantly the sight and sounds of the Exige screaming down the pit straight persued by a jet black Tuscan growling and roaring upto the limiter was pretty entertaining. Looked like the Exige was running away from a predator.Mark

Excellent [image][/image]There was a good clip actually of the Tuscan, then the Noble, follwed by some sort of Caterham, followed by you… all roaring past [image][/image] its on Evoposters.I was actually going to turn up at a later stage for the last few hours, but I wasn’t confident about driving as I’d been heavy on the beer the night before (phoned in “sick” to work…), so I decided its best that I gave it a miss.

Is it the clip called “Noble-driveby”.I can’t see the pictures, but it sounds like that, there’s some roaring, then some whooshing, then what sounds like our car. It actually sounds better coming towards you than going away. I vaguely remember that, no way was I about to go in the pits having a Noble and a TVR in front of me on a racetrack [image][/image]

lol [image][/image]And its the “What a noise” clip, here: Just to let you know, I got confirmation off Johnny (pwiggy) who was doing the commentary on that clip, and when he says “what a **** noise” he’s referring to the Noble, and not yours! And that “Noble Drive By” - was that your car I heard right at the end of the clip?

Took the Exige for a 200 mile blat yesterday, and I REALLY REALLY don’t like the RS15s – I found they needed to get heat into them before slowing down from any good speed… so I had a few “uh oh” moments.and the brake juddering is damn annoying/offputting.I need to get Eliseparts to send me some RS14s… now where’s Geary’s number…[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 21 February 2003).]

Dave,I’m hard on the brakes, as you might remember from all my juddering problems [image][/image]And I’m willing to try them all. So far I’ve tried the originals, Green stuff and the ones Lotus sells as motorsports (which I understand are the Pagids RS14). I have also the Redstuff ones and am going to try them on the next trackday at Knockhill the 8th.But I’d love to try the RS15. If you really don’t want them, can I have them?Please? [image][/image]Cheers,Uldis

Sure… once I’ve got the 14s I’ll pop them in the post.I had redstuff on the front (greens rear) for a while, and they worked well on track, but the reds really needed heat before they did anything.

Great!I’ll email you separately.Cheers,uldis

Okay, some news which may be of interestThe RS15s generate so much more friction and heat than the RS14s that the standard disks can’t take it and start bending.Ease off and they cool down back into shape. It seems the 15s are unsuitable for standard disks.Now there are points with this that I don’t understand, because I was getting vibrations at relatively low braking forces, certainly well within 14’s capabilities. I would have thought that the heat generated is simply down to the braking force, irrespecive of whatever the pad is made of, it is simply converted kinetic energy and, if that is the same the heat should be the same.So I’m assume there are differences regarding the way the heat dissipates throughout the pad. Looking into it further, but definitely switching back to 14s in the meantime.Mark

Pesky,Ref Mintex 1144’s.received them yesterday from Eliseparts, fitted fronts no problems, rears however have an additional ‘fixing’ tag on the top / bottom. have left a message for Geary to phone back ref this.- Have you or anyone fitted any rear pads yourselves? Couldn’t quite see the arrangement of the retaining clip or see how to remove the old ones.(It was past daylight hours though)Any assistance from any quarter greatly appreciated.Phil GT

RS15’sI have them all round on my car and have had for several track daysMy experience with the standard front discs is that (as mentioned above) they cause very strong vibration trough brake pedal when hot.One of my original front Lotus discs cracked between two of the drilled holes.However, I have now changed the front discs to Eliseparts “Turbo Groove” discs and can report that even when very hot there is no pedal vibration and the stopping power is awesome. They don’t even feel ‘grabby’ any more.Just my observations if it helps anyoneGiles

Phil,I fitted 1144s last year no probs.

Quote from Performance Braking literature I picked up at the autosport show:“RS15 - A development of the RS14 this compound combines a 20% higher friction level with an improved initial bite. The effective working temp range is wider than RS14 allowing for even higher temps to be reached without loss of performance or brake fade. Like RS14 is particularly suited to hard track day use.”