Backdoor to Teen filth movie site.....

Hi Pesky - now I have your attention…

ho ho ho the old ones are errr …the oldest !!!

It was great to meet you and Russ at Buckles… eventually.

You mentioned SAAAAAAB rams for the engine cover would you post the part codes and I’ll change the title of the post to suit so everyone can fit em’



Cheeky git


The “Lift-O-Mat” gas struts are made by Stabilus in Germany, part no: 5072DE, & you can buy them from the UK distributor SKF SKF

Oh dear cant edit the title - never mind

Thanks Mr P - I got rid of that suit in preference for a loud one!!!

I do have a pink pinstripe one with pink lining and company logo inside - I’ll have to wear it to Buckles… Not!



LOL at that pic.

There’s nowt funny about a picture of a Honda Engine???