Back to basics

Don’t get the wrong of the stick here, but you lot have owned Lotus’essss for years and therfore ‘know everything’ !
anyway, after 200 odd miles at the weekend I decided to wash the car, however my hand is much quicker than my brain and I subsequently half filled the engine compartment with water and spent an unnecessary 20 minutes drying off the hoses/electrics/bulkhead etc etc…

From now on, it’s a hand wipe down for that part of the car…
still, you live and learn.

I just wash and hose the back of mine like any other car - it’s only the same as driving in the rain and being sat at the traffic lights/in traffic etc?

Nice avatar BTW !!

Nice avatar BTW !!

Amazing, I just asked the wife if I could take a picture of her while she was making out the weekly shopping list

Mine has lived outside for many nights, often pouring with rain, so “half filled the engine compartment with water” from a washing session aint going to be a problem