Back on the road

Watch out watch out, i’m officially back on the road in my own car [image][/image] [image][/image]Everything appears to be running fine but it will need re-mapping at Emerald, i have also shod the car in Toyo Proxes [image][/image] first impressions from driving around today in the wet are very good, doesn’t hop and slide on manhole covers like the A039’s did !


Great news Phil [image][/image]

Phil, top, top news - keep posting and maybe you’ll soon lose that junior tag - you’re a bona fide learner Exiger again! [image][/image]

Nice one Phil, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for you now and try not to miss you next time your on the A41 [image][/image]

Phil,Congrats!! Did you have Dave do the head work? If so, maybe now that you are done he can do my engine [image][/image]If I fly over there, can we go to Emerald and go through the process of mapping an engine? Dave is going to send me a motor with a “started” program in the Emerald. I will have to set it up here. It would be great if I could see it once at Emerald before I try it…If it works for you I’ll check flights…ThanksRoyps. I’ll buy you a pint!

Hi Roy,Yes Dave did the head work the best he could to correct some very poor previous porting.Dont even think about using anyone else, the wait for a DVA head is well worth it just wish i had been more patiant first time round, learn by others mistakes (mine) it will be cheaper in the long run!No problem with you coming over to see the mapping, i’m going on the 4th March to get mine done, i have booked for the whole day and if we speak to Dave Walker i’m sure he will show you how and what to do.Phil

Good to see you back! I know how you feel to be back in the seat again!!Happy motoring