Back in it!!! - and with an MoT!!!

Hi all,

Just thought I’d let you all know that I have been back in the Exige , with a bit of a push from DVLA or VOSA (Vehicle & Operator Services Agency - that’s what it says on my MoT) or whatever they call themselves this week.

On Tuesday I received the Road Tax renewal form which informed me that the car needed an MoT Test to be re-taxed even though it wasn’t registered until 23 Jan 2001 - so I had intended to get an MoT in the New Year. A quick call to Swansea confirmed that “we now base this on the date of manufacture rather than the date of first registration”. I pointed out that with the Xmas hols about to start there was precious little time to get an MoT before the end of December (particularly as we are on holiday ourselves over New Year) and that I was probably looking at going SORN (which i didn’t want to do) or picking up an �80 fine because they had changed the rules and not told anybody ! I further pointed out that the date of manufacture is not recorded on the V5 so how is anyone supposed to know when their first MoT is due?? ?. “That’s the law, sir, I’m sorry” I hope none of you fall into this trap - the girl at the post office said that there had been quite a few who had got the same shock news.

Oh well!. So, with no more preparation than putting the cat on the passenger seat, off I go to my friendly spannerman and MoT provider for the rest of the Stripe fleet. Guess what - it won’t go onto Ray’s ramps without damaging the spoiler! “No worry” says Ray, take the cat out and we’ll send it round the corner to my mate who’s got a flat drive-on ramp". I told him it would fail emissions. It did. It came back and the cat went on. It passed. The difference between ‘Cat-on’ and ‘Cat-off’ figures is amazing (ask me if you’re interested - I have printouts for both tests but e.g. HC drops from 2213ppm to 19ppm with the cat fitted! )

I have decided to leave the cat on for now - (it was getting dark and I was getting cold!). It’s a lot quieter too!!

Anyway, it was great to be back behind the wheel of the Exige (and thanks for the encouragement at Oulton last Friday), even if it does now need a good hose down.


Great stuff Mike

Funnily enough, Russ & I were discussing the same thing this morning. Both our cars were registered in January 2001, & our tax runs out at the end of December. My Vehicle Licence Application informs me that I require “The payment” & “A valid certificate of insurance” to tax the car. It then also states “This vehicle requires an appropriate MOT test certificate from 03 01 2004”.

Russ’s application says he needs an MOT certificate to renew his tax!

Anyway, plan is go for an MOT before the end of December, enough though it appears I don’t need one to tax my car!

Now where did I store my cat

There’s a big advantage to having one of the last made, you lot find this out first! Looks like this’ll hit me next year, so thanks chaps!

Hey Mike, do you think the NHS would provide Optimax?? Exige driving has to be great therapy!


Nice one Mike

Motability in an Exige - now that’s def something to look forward too

Just a thought, as our cars all had to be SVA’d i was wondering if that has anything to do with it, i.e. 3 years from the date of SVA, which would be something they recorded.


I’m sure that’s it. If you think about it there’s no way that DVLA would know on which day 50000 Fiestas were built is there? But with SVA each car is recorded individually at the DVLA - and of course many of our cars were pre-registered by the factory or the dealer in any case, particularly at the end of 2001 so I wonder how those with 2002(?) cars will get on in due course. I think there could be a rush on Exige MoTs next Decemeber!


I’m not convinced.

My car was delivered to the dealer in December 2000 (SVA’d), but I chose not to take delivery until 3rd January 2001.The date on my alarm Certificate of Installation (at the factory) is 9th November 2000, but whether that was before or after the SVA I don’t know!

I’m not convinced.

Hi Rob et al,

The difference between what they have done with your car and Russ’ car is enough evidence that there is no consistent ruling here. It may be as simple as which clerk dealt with it at DVLA when SVA papers arrived - there’s probably an input box on their database for “first MoT test due at…” or something like that.


Hey Mike, do you think the NHS would provide Optimax?? Exige driving has to be great therapy!



LOL. I think that perhaps it should be available on the NHS, particularly as I’m on free prescriptions at the moment . Not only that, I’m sure Optimax is cheaper than some of the stuff they’ve been giving me!

The difference between ‘Cat-on’ and ‘Cat-off’ figures is amazing (ask me if you’re interested - I have printouts for both tests but e.g. HC drops from 2213ppm to 19ppm with the cat fitted! )

Glad to hear that mate!!

I was a bit worried that mine wouldn’t pass even with the cat on as it was pumping out 1889 ppm HC without the cat! But now you’ve said this I can be re-assured! Fingers crossed it will pass tomorrow!


My Nissan Micra passed it emmissions test

Anybody thought about a valve for a de-cat? You could have both the cat and de-cat pipe back there and use the cat for quiet days and MoTs and turn it the other way to let it breath.

Hair brain perhaps?! Maybe limited by space and the engineering on a valve that’d get very hot.


My Nissan Micra passed it emmissions test

Andy - I thought that Nissan Micras WERE emissions

(Actually, I had a green one - N 501 DWL - it made a great little estate car, and was totally bombproof !!! )