Back from Emerald

Dave Walker did his magic on my car and has mapped it as follows:

333 bhp @ 5914rpm
306 lbft @ 5477rpm

Sweet Jesus! I hadn’t realized how much torque those things push out

Top result

Don’t you just love the roads in Autumn/Winter

Thats impressive!!

Fcuk!, and when I’m driving mine I always feel it’s plenty quick!

Imagine that!

Blime! That’s about 400bhp/ton!

I’m taking out shares in Yokohama!



Whey hey - torque about power - damn impressive that

Great result - how many people were sitting on it at the time ??

I had 303 lb ft, but nowhere near that much power…

Since the TSR remap it feels quicker again though…

Must go out and run a 0 - 100 with the datalogger on - that’ll tell me more !!!

There was me, clinging onto the spoiler uprights (spoiler removed) and two sacks of sand in the boot space.

What’s the “TSR” remap ? Is that a company or a product or ?

I assume these guys

What’s the “TSR” remap ? Is that a company or a product or ?

Didn’t mike post that earlier somehwere (can’t find it now)?

Ah yes, here -


fantastic result you lucky b*****d i know you have talked about the cost of the conversion before but what else other than the engine would need to be upgrade to handle that sort of power increase ?
brakes gearbox clutch etc ?
and at what sort of cost?
i’m just wondering how viable it would be for me

half the number of the beast

apt… very apt i bet…

I’m buying up the rest of the Yoki shares that IDG doesn’t get…

Doesn’t it come with the gearbox?

I’d spend a grand on better brakes (i.e. just disks, 295mm at front, but not calipers), which would be a good start.


UPDATE: Dyno Plot from Emerald

very impressive

do you fancy taking me for a drive in it on Saturday

You can come out in mine !!!

You can come out in mine !!!

Cool, Thanks