baby seat

need to get a baby seat to fit, baby 1yr old, any one got one that fits having a hard time locating one thinking about contacting some of the manus direct by the way i have the standard seats with standard seat belts does anyone know who made the seats for lotus and do they have a particular name/number to identify them

My Recaro Start fits, although I use it with harnesses and a 2-year old.


is that the one in halfords ? wasnt sure if it would fit and none of the staff new how to

Halfords do sell it, I took my car there to try it but they couldn’t answer all my queries so I ended up buying it off the web. It fits in the seat okay but I’ve never tried it with a normal belt in an Exige. There’s a comfort pack for very small children.

It is rather loud for little people. I only take the lad out when he wants to go, sometimes he’s just not in the mood.


he only has to go a mile up the road to nursery so its not to loud as it isnt warmed up by then so no high revs. thanx for the info im going to look on the recaro site tonight

Got mine from these guys I believe -


thanx mate i’ll have a look tonight

I’ve just noticed you’re in Reading. I’m down the A33 towards Basingstoke if you want to come and have a look/try it.


thanx that will be cool im away until next week will contact you when i get back to see whens best 4 u

Cool, no probs.

I may need to get another one soon for the new baby, so perhaps we could try a bulk deal?