B&C Stage 2 Exhaust

Finally now have a good reason to join this board having picked up a nice silver S2 exige and very good it is! One question, min ehas the stage 2 exhaust from B&C -does anyone know what the official noise output is for it?
cheers, Geoff

Geoff, do you have any pictures of how the rear undertray has been modified to accomodate the stage 2 exhaust? It’s not very clear on the B&C site. Thanks.

does anyone know what the official noise output is for it?

I have a noise meter which can give you an idea static if you live my way.

JayCee I’m are you are a member of SELOC, in which case there is currently a thread on a miltec 111R exhaust -on page 2 of the thread I have uploaded a picture of the exhaust on my car. I have no idea what they do to the undertray exactly, though it might be making the holes a little larger in order to poke the zorst through. either way it looks a million times better than the standard job and you would assume it was factory fitted to look at. I’m down in surrey, I’m going to be honest and confess I don’t know where abouts that is in relation to you!

mrjoff, had a look at the photo, it’s a bit too dark to make out the detail. Don’t intend to upgrade the exhaust until I’ve had the car a few months so will wait for some more feedback IE if the stage 2 passes the track day noise tests ok. Could you go to a track day in your neck of the woods just for a static noise check? Surrey is a bit far away, I’m in Lancashire. Oop North to quote Mr Pesky.

I’ve asked B&C to find out so will let you know what they say!