AVT ( Advanced Vehicle Tuning )

Guys first of all i wonna say hello to every one. Now to get to my problem. Any of u Guys ever ordered anything from AVT ( Advanced Vehicle Tuning )? http://www.advancedvehicletuning.co.uk/
If yes did any of u had problems with there customer support, shipping�s etc? The problem i have is that i ordered a Chagecooler, Water pump and Header Tank for my exige. Its been almost a month now since i have send the payment to them via PayPal and i have talked to a Mr. Dave a few times. First time they asked me extra shipping costs to send them from PayPal because there webpage did not charge me the correct shipping cost. After that every few days i was sending them an email and every time they said that there are arranging my order and shipping tomorrow. Again waited a few days and emailing them back and again same story, “shipping tomorrow and sending u the tracking number for your package”. Anyway its been a week now that I�m emailing and they don�t Unser back and today also all of there WebPages are down. Now i don�t know what to make out of all this. AVT at first seemed a very decent and professional company as they are the ones that equip Lotuses official GT3 car with a PWR Chargecool.
Can you guys shed a bit of light to all of this? Please Help

I spent about a month trying to contact these guys to purchase what it seems you have bought, never could get hold of them I gave up and contacted Proalloy and now there is a charge cooler kit for the “S” not cheap but it works well and just fits so no fabrication…

sorry to hear this…I hope youget it sorted soon.
Ps I have them in stock if you need one!