Would someone who knows something about pooters please tell me how to upload my avatar. It’s asking for an url thingy-majig?? I cant seem to see an option for uploading it directly from my desktop.

Thanks in advance



you need to store it on the WWW somewhere like photobucket and then reference it via the URL

does that make any sense ??

you can’t upload it direct to exiges.com

Ok, think Im with you so far…Have an idae so lets see if she works.

Sorry if I appear completely stupid, It’s just that computers are not my thing so to speak.

No, I give up, pateince wearing thin and the computer is getting ever closer to the window ledge… Would someone be kind enough to put a small piccy on a page somewhere if I email it to them and then send me an urlygig back to type in the box. Woiuld be greatfully recieved. Thanks