There are a lot S2 Exiges for sale at the moment - I wonder why?

Autotrader website


They all want S1’s!!

They all want S1’s!!

lol…i was thinking of the same…ure right

That’s my old BRG Exige listed on Autotrader for sale in Glasgow at �19,995. Strange that the mileage (14k) is the same as it was 2 years ago. Hmmm…

As for S2’s, they’re still a bit pricey at dealers for used to get people biting. Seems almost all are with Touring Pack aswell. I fancy a 'orrible green one with Performance pack but wouldn;t want to pay much more than �25k, in a private sale.

ahh ya old salty sea dog… have you got any cars left ?

what about Croft ?