Autotorque.. what a shower

So… based on the recommendations on this site, I went to AutoTorques website yesterday and filled in an application form for a quote… No reply.

So I call them up today:

Me: “Hello, I applied for a quote online yesterday and I’ve not heard anything…”

Them: “And your name is ?”

Me: “David Brown”

Them: “And who did you speak to ?”

Me: “Nobody, I did it online”

Them: “And your name is ?”

Me: sighs “David Brown”

Them: “OK, I have your application here… I’ll ring some insurance companies and get you a quote”

Me: “Well, be quick because I’m collecting the car today”

Them: “Whats your telephone number”

Me: “Isn’t it on my application form ?”

Them: “Yes…”

Oh dear…

Right… off to Esteem I go…

I learnt never to apply online I find it never works and you have to go through uit all on the phone anyway. Its is just an advertising tool in reality.

And now I’ve been stuck on hold trying to call Esteem (now AON Automotive)

FFS… doesn’t anyone want my money ?? I could only dream of having a business where people were queueing up with credit cards to throw money at me.

Adrian Flux was very efficient with me last week.

That’s strange, John at Autotorque was very helpful and I insured through them two weeks ago. No problems, and best rate by a long way. Do a search on them and you will find plenty of happy customers on this forum.


I completed the Autotorque online form last night, still waiting to hear back…As aelord says it seems as though these details just dissapear or go towards future mailing lists!! I did email Autotorque as the online form was not available initially, but the email returned as the email address they have posted as a contact does not work…

I have spoken to Esteem this morning and they have beaten Elephant by �150 and obviously will cover for track days at an extra cost (�28 est per day)

I spoke with JohnO at Autotorque last year and they were very close to getting my money - so it may be worth chasing… :

Just CCI to call now…
Keep you updated

JohnO is in the USA at the present, & returns on Friday. He has today tried to contact both Mr Admin & Ellomoto by phone (with a quote), but their mobiles are switched off & Mr Admin is out of the office.

You’ve got to appreciate that the broker has to liaise by phone with the various Insurance Co underwriters, on a customer by customer basis, before the quotes are available - That is assuming that you want trackday cover as well.

If you want trackday cover and/or the car is modified, then the usual “run of the mill” insurance companies won’t touch you.

Most of us here in effect get a “tailored” policy, because of the trackdays & modifications.

As you will gather, I have spoken with JohnO to alert him to this thread - not because I have any financial interest in Autotorque, but simply because the service I (& many of my mates) have received has been 2nd to none.

Seconded - They are worth persevering for guys. I wholeheartedly recommend them. Both John & Chris are off at the moment - that is no excuse, but maybe a little latitude is due.

I must declare an interest though - my race car is plastered with Autotorque stickers this season.

I appreciate that brokers have to get good quotes, but so do Esteem and they managed it within 20 minutes (with trackday cover) so that’s not a very good defence is it ?

Particularly when AutoTorque hadn’t even LOOKED at my application after 24 hours and only got “moving” when I had to chase them.

It also doesn’t change the lack of organisation demonstrated in the above phone call.

I don’t deny that others have had a good service, but from my experience it was a shambles.

Autotorque were useless when i phoned aswel. When i did get a quote off them after a few days it was about “�1500” more than Tesco. So didn’t go with them.

I wouldnt normally get involved with threads about my own company, however I should just like to point out that I did try and phone David 4 times on the landline and 2 times on his mobile,left messages for him to call. I appreciate he is a busy man, and might not neccesarily be able to speak to people but I did make the effort. I can only apologise for what might seem to be a delayed response.

As a specialist we have schemes with many underwriters not just one, and no two owners have the same car due to engine mods, trackday requirements, mileage restrictions etc.So it important to get the bespoke policy for the individual.

We carry very competitive rates and would not class them as ‘useless’ unless the risk is not the sort I would wish to carry on my books such as claims history, age or experience.

David, I will try and email you direct, as it is probably too late now anyway but at least you will be able to see fugures etc.

If anyone wishes to speak to me directly I will be back on Friday am.



Thankyou for coming forward and holding your hands up John.

Just in case theres any confusion regarding your comment, your phone calls to me were made AFTER I had complained on here, rather than your staff being unable to get through to me with a quote earlier.

I also read the positive comments on this forum about Autotorque and attempted to initially insure my Exige then at a later date my Maserati.

Didn’t receive any sort of response to my online application. Not a call, an email, nothing…

guys i have been with autotorque many years and as pesky and john say if you do track days and your car has mods and you want restricted milage then they cant be touched.And whats wrong with a phone call instead of the internet after all its good to TORQUE!

I’ve never had a problem when I’ve spoken with John.

Which reminds me, it’s about time to get some quotes.


Sounds like i fall in that description of not being wanted on his books then. I thought the �4500 they quoted me for my second years cover with no claims to my name and 3 years no claim bonus was a bit too high. I only paid �3200 for the first years cover and this year �2950 both times with Tesco. Maybe i might get a good quote off them for my 3rd year of owning the car (hopefully still with no claims).

All very helpful today (despite the building works in the background).

A great price too!