Autosport Show

Well having finally (hopefully) registered I have to be in Holland on the 9th and 10th - bleedin’ great [image][/image] If anyone wants a cheap ticket for Friday - let me know - IF I get it you can have it [image][/image]

AndyPlease reserve it for Russ. He will be in touch with you directly to sort details.Being a BRSCC member, I get a free ticket! [image][/image][This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 10 December 2002).]

Rob / RussIts got your name on it !!Andrew

Cheers Andy (aka Santa Claus). [image][/image]

I will also be at autosport show at the week end. I read that tue and fri is only for dealer, is it true?Nicolas

NicholasThursday & Friday are “Trade” days, & not open to the General Public.see: Will you be able to get Trade tickets - perhaps from your dealer?

trade tickets from my dealer? no sure not…It’s not a good dealer.Anyway i’ll be at the show sat and sun, maybe we can meet with some of u guys.Ciao

To get in on the ‘Trade Days’ you only need a business card for a ‘related trade’- which can mean almost anything of course!