Autosport International 2002

Peskey, X111GED, and anybody else going, what time, where you meeting and how you getting there? Let me know cos I might have a couple of spare seats!!SOOTY.

SimonWill send you an email offline.Pesky

YesI’ll be there just as soon as I can find time to blag a ticket for the trade/motorsport day (Friday)Trevor. [image][/image]

I might be heading down aswell if I’ve got time. I’ll mail you nearer the time Pesky.

pesky , i joined the brscc and got the membership stuff but they say you can only go for free on the public days ! … so looks like ill be going on sunday … anyone else ?

RogerNot so - trust me. I have received my BRSCC ticket “plastic card thingy” & it permits FOUR days entry. Also last year, I registered as a BRSCC member upon arrival on the Friday trade day.Will mail you offline with further info.

There are a couple of us esprit owners going on sunday. we’ll prob meet somewhere near oxford and drive up.drop me an email if any of you want to meet up for the [email protected]

rob , thanks but it looks like ive got it sorted out and will be going on friday…

Hi All,Just got back from Autosport International.Place to go is the Pipercross stand which has a Motorsport Elise and some pretty girls wearing white webbing (apologies to female listers!!)Also, I spoke to the man on the Yokohama stand, where there is also a Scholarship racing Lotus Sport Elise 2. This car is fitted with a new Yoko tyre (049??) in 16in front and 17in rear. This tyre is exclusive to Lotus at the moment it seems but will fit the Exige. The feeling is that, as this is now the ‘Lotus Exclusive’ tyre that 039s may become freely available?! Perhaps some of you should ask the same questions and see if the answer is the same?Also saw a JPS F1 somewhere.EnjoyMike