AutoArt 1/18 models

For 10 years or so I have been collecting ‘en mass’ AutoArt 1/18th diecast model cars, all of then are based around the current WRC and old World Rally series, the detail and quality are second to none, prices (pre ebay and ‘new’)vary from �49 upwards, at the last count I had 47 cars and up until last June I had them all on display in the office at home - in June we moved to a smaller house and they remain unpacked in the loft.

What I’m getting at is that AutoArt have just released their new Exige 2, silver in colour, maybe someone on may want one.
Cracking models

Are they actually avaiable because they have been on the AutoArt web site as due for about 18 months. I know they have just put images up within the last month of the silver and the black one but I still don’t think you can buy them yet. Have had one on order with Grand Prix Legends for just over a year now.

Much to my annoyance (AutoArt are full of shite when it comes to production dates and availability), Fleabay is the place where I now source my models, the current AutoArt Exige is available from the US and HK/Japan.

I’ve just treated myself to the Silver one!

Wait till I tell the missus…