Auto Hebdo, Exige S2 french report

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more pictures from Exige S2, issue yesterday from french Auto Hebdo mag, french text of course

I put it here :forum( Essais )

or from
Exige S2 photo Album



What is the general opinion from the press (i can’t read french)

Having looked at these extra pics… i don’t think this is what will be delivered… I feel, as others have said, that its a test bed for the engine at the moment… the rear cover looks pants…

Also… isn’t the Celica vvti a 1.9litre??

engine is 1.8 liter, autocar is wrong saying 2 liter

to resume they say less exclusive than exige s1 (always PR discours for new car to new class owner), engine remap change the 6200rpm boost on toyota, too soft suspension as the grip of 048 is higher than 039, cokpit noisy but sound not as good as the one at the exhaust, like the car engine- gearing…