Australian Exiges...

Hi Guys

I’m new here, but remember meeting Pesky and Russ T and others at the Le Mans campsite last year (we were in the boiling hot Lancia Integrale), and fell in love with the Laser Blue car with the white “viper” stripes…

I used to own an Elise, and loved it, and have been planning (dreaming about) the purchase of a series 1 exige for about a year.

However, its looking like I might be moving to Australia. I searched the web (and this forum) and it looks like there are series 1’s in Oz, but was this official via Lotus, or were these private imports? If they were, I assume this channel would still be open (although expensive…!!)

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks guys


Hi Mark

Missed you this year - Nick & Richard were camping at the chateau - visiting Le Mans on their European Circuits Tour

By the way, my car has silver, not white stripes

Australian Exiges - official imports, but very, very expensive A few of our Aussie fraternity post on this bbs, so they will know all the “ins & outs”

All the best with your move, cobber

Yes, I’m living in Sweden at the moment and couldn’t make the time to come down to Le Mans this year How was the Lambo?? Someone has got one out here and it sounds faaaanntastic

Do you think a relocation package would stretch to shipping a car half way round the world


There were around 11 S1 Exiges delivered to OZ. There is one available now from the Melbourne Lotus dealership [there seems to be one dealer in each major city] for $89,000 AUD. [was $99,000 AUD until the S2 launch]

Lotus for Sale in Australia (



$89000 AUD = �34600

Hi guys,

just to shed some light, there were 11 imported officially into the country, of which two were later shipped to Japan. Of the nine remaining S1s, one is still for sale (demonstrator) as Nev pointed out.At $89000, this 3year old demonstrator car is only $15000 cheaper than a new S2.

However, 3 of our Exiges have been extensively modified to Motorsport Elise spec, two with CF bodies. Matt’s is currently for sale (see for sale section) at a premium to the dealer car, but is a much quicker and better sorted example all round. If you fancy a track-only car, then there are a couple of used (possibly well-weathered)Motorsport Elise race cars for sale also. You may try to import one yourself, howveer duty costs etc etc may jack the price up significantly.