Audi Elise problems with Emerald ECU


I installed a 1.8T engine (Audi TT code AJQ 180BHP) into my elise.
The setup is as follows:

Ignition coils: 4 pin Hitachi CM11-201
Injectors: Bosch 0280155897 317cc/min
Fuel pressure: 3bar
Throttle body is original Vw/Audi

Ecu is Emerald K3, running with grouped injection.

Today I tried the whole day to get the engine running with the maps included with the Emerald software but no luck so far Sad
The engine is running too rich, idle is very unstable.
If I try to reduce the amount of injected fuel the engine stalls before reaching a sensible AFR value. Rescaling the injector size failed as well.
When accelerating the engine I’ve got black smoke and misfire.

Is it possible to run the 1.8T engine with grouped injection?

Any hints what I’m doing wrong? Do you have a stable idle with your emerald powered elises?

It would be great if somebody could mail me a working 1.8T map so I can figure out if me ecu is OK.

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OK, I don’t think I will be of much help here as you have a few differences to my setup.

I use a Rover K series 52mm throttle body, so that I could keep the K series TPS, which is simple and we all know works. It is a direct bolt on replacement.

I run grouped injection, so that is cool.

My idle is fine and I don’t even use an idle speed control valve

I run the 3 pin coils, but as long as you have the 4 pin ones wired up correctly you should bo OK.

As the car runs, then it seems like you have everything wired up OK

Have you calibrated the TPS?

Other than that, from wht you are saying it is simply running rich. Why not ammend the map you have on your laptop, take out say 30% of the fuel, then upload it and try starting the car and go from there.

Other than that, give Dave Walker a call

Thank you! I fixed it today :slight_smile:. There was a problem with the injector pulse width. Fuel consumption was amazing. I played around with the MSPB number in the injector scaling tab and with the injection map to get ~1.5ms pulse when the engine is idling. Thats the value a bosch ecu uses. After idle was OK it was easier to get a good fuel mixture using the LC1 wide band sensor. I’ll do some more mapping and a test drive tomorrow.Keep yoyr fingers crossed :slight_smile:
I just wonder why the emerald base maps dont work with my engine.

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They may not have been setup with the same injectors.