Audi DIY conversions

Having look around at Audi 1.8T conversions which are around the £10k mark - what makes up much of the cost? Does anyone sell the basic parts needed to do the conversion?

what car are you doing the conversion on?

Knowledge …

unfortunately there a very very few off the shelf parts for this convertion.

Mounts (which i acutally have for sale soon, new)
Drive shafts depends on location of engine in bay, as the is so many trains of thought on cost vs reliability
mouting and doing drive shafts are the 2 hardest parts in my opinion as everything else is governed by that (inlet and exhaust manfiold)
Chargecooler / intercooler
oil cooler
exhaust system

I’ve got a set of engine mounts and drive shafts to stick an audi engine into a Toyota S2 if anyone is interested