Att. Phil GT.

Hi Phil, your ex car is even more awesome now ive adjusted the throttle cable and stop screw, it gets round the rev counter a fair bit quicker.
Ive also treated it to a new set of Magnecors leads and plugs and she is running lovely.
My next job is to have a look at the seat positioning as I don’t know if you had noticed this, but I find you seem to be facing away from the steering and towards the centre of the car slightly, it may be just me but Lisa drove it for the first time yesterday and said she felt the same.
Anyway I hope your getting over the shock of losing it now, and I assume you have your sights set on a new one.
Bye for now.

That’s right Steve, rub salt into the wounds.

  • like I wasn’t missing it enough anyway, & now you tell me there’s more power now you’ve adjusted the throttle opening thingy properly!
  • you sure know how to make a guys afternoon.

Phil GT

p.s. Pleased for you.
p.p.s. Take good care of my baby

Forgot to mention the seat. It DID feel different after I had all the leather trim done, the trimmers took the seats out - so maybe they didn’t put the drivers back in exactly the same position.
Only thing I can think of at the mo.

Phil GT

There are two different thread holes per seat bolt, which use an 8mm allen bolt, if I remember correctly…

I think this is because the driver and passenger seats fit in slightly different places.

I found that you can use either, but one of them restricts the forward slide of the seat, and the other does not…

The people who trimmed the seat probably forgot to mark the original holes when they removed them…

Take out the bolts, carefully, and mark the holes !! Then try using the other holes !!!

Tip - when slotting the bolts back in take GREAT care - it is best to turn the bolts backwards until they click to be sure of not cross threading in the aluminium…

Even if this does happen you can re-tap the holes (been there, done that, too !!)

Good luck

Thanks for that info Mike I will check it out at the weekend. Sorry phil, didn’t mean to cause you any upset, you can be rest assured that I will look after your baby just the same as you did. If you are ever around Northants area give us a call and pop in for a coffee etc.
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