At last....I'm in an Exige!

On Friday, after waiting a long time, I managed to get a deal done with Jon Seal and acquire this lovely S2 ‘S’ in Chrome orange. Despite coming from a SC Elise, the Exige feels very different, in a good way.

Had a fantastic drive back up north from Jon’s and just soaked up the whole experience of driving such a planted car up such a boring road. It’s sometimes a good thing I think to have a very steady journey back when picking up a new car, especially one like an Exige. I just enjoyed not feeling the need to wring its neck and basically use the time to get a bit of a feel for the car, and probably give it it’s most economic journey it will ever get…34+ mpg!

Can’t thank Jon enough for helping get me behind the wheel and traded my Elise back to him, I believe the 4th time it’s been through his books.

I hope to be able to contribute here with some of the smaller tweaks I have already planned and document some of the miles I do in it.

Couple of pics from the moment I got home…

Congratulations! Look forward to hearing and seeing more, welcome to Exige’s…

Looks a super car. And its new home is pretty smart too. Please keep us posted

Fantastic looking car. I’ll be following with interest.

Congrats :+1::+1:

Congratulations, great choice - keep us updated with it :thumbup:

That’s a nice one!

Get yourself on the Caffeine and Machine list if you aren’t already.

Thanks for the kind words folks. I don’t seem to have permission to post in anything other than this section at the minute but have quite a few questions to ask on what amount to small details on the Exige.
John, i have looked at the Caffeine & Machine thread but it’s a canny schlep from the North East. Being in the middle of the longest ever house conversion is also slightly restricting my time being the wheel.
I’ll try to get a thread going in the owners section of what i do to the car, which initially will be restricted to tidying up minor stuff that i want spot on.
First question though… the chrome internal door release handle…is this off another car (Rover part?) mine are pitted and need replaced and are available on DeRoure but it’s the whole mechanism from them. If i can get away with sourcing the correct handle from a breakers i reckon it would save a few pennies for some other mod.

You need 1 more post fella to make the other sections writeable. Stops spammers from cluttering up the place if they get in

I suppose this reply will count towards that then Andy!
Fully understand the logic behind that :+1:t2:

Your good to go now fella, post as much as you want. We had to restrict Andy from selling Viagra, so made a minimum post count. :thumbup: :lolno:

Lovelly car :+1: when you say up North ? Are you localish to cumbria

Hi Lee. I’m in newcastle but hail from Keswick originally. My folks are still there and i like to give Hartside a regular crossing anyway. I’ve not delved that deep into the forum to see if there are regional groups. Be interested in meeting up just to ‘compare notes’ as it were. Problem is that usually starts me off on the modifications i said to the wife i wouldn’t do :laughing:

Your exige looks great! But I’m biased as I basically have the same! :smiley:
Enjoy it!


Am Newcastle too, picking up my orange s2 on Wednesday :thumbup:

Maybe see who else is NE and have a run out.



Appolagies only just seen this, would love to meet up sometime, Hartside or where ever. If you fancy it send me a PM :+1::+1:

Am always happy to have a blast up Hartside, maybe a NE/NW, meet there. :thumbup:

Sounds good just let me know :+1:

The car looks gorgeous! How is it now? I also would love to get an Exige, but it’s a little too expensive, so I only get to see and dream about them. Hopefully with my new transport manager job, I’ll be able to build up some savings for it.

It’ll be worth the wait :thumbup: