Ask a daft question

I am only going to ask this once but a mate posed this question to me so feel free to reply accordingly .I used to own an imported mr2 turbo which really felt to be the quickest car ive driven .Neither of us has a mechanical clue and this was over a few pints but it set me thinking wow that would be a v v quick car .Any thoughts

Any thoughts



errmmm… any thought on what ???

You’re joking, right?
You have an Exige, I’m sure you can feel the difference…

You’d be surprised how fast an MR2 turbo is, on the straights at KH there�s not much between the two cars, and when the Exige runs out of steam it would be left dead by the MR2, top speed should be around 150mph, of course on the twisty stuff its a different story.


Why do I get a funny feeling about this question? Are you for real?

Well, I’ve been in an MR2 turbo which span the wheels in both second and third gear

It would defo eat most exiges in a straight line! But why ask? I’ve driven a 420 bhp Skyline and that is scary fast! Get to 120 with great ease!

But there’ll always be something faster, weather it be corners or stright line or just both

Exactly, and I know a good MR2 is going to be fast/quick on the straight.
And not that bad in the twisties compared to normal cars.

But an Exige? aaahhhh! there we go!, a difference!
And you already have one so you can tell him.

Sorry guys kinda misleading question really.What i was meaning to say is alike previous posts i have read on honda transplants had anyone ever considered the 3sgte mr2 engine before .My brother now has my mr2 i know standard it was about 246hp Tell me to sher-rup if you like

It is tempting, and 94+ engine (Gen III 3S-GTE) is 240bhp out of the box and easily up to 300bhp (plus plenty of torque as it’s forced induction)… But it’s pretty heavy block, all cast steel plus with all the ton of extra plumbing for a turbo I’d not be too keen to do anything like that (the amount of pipes going everywhere is just stoopid!)…

Plus the turbo lag would be potentially very hazardous in something so light (remember the MR2 turbo is ~1300 KG so pretty lardy).

My current preference for engine would be the new Mazda Renesis (in the RX-8), 250bhp, NA and rotary so nice, small and light

Agree, a Wankel engine would be the way to go, as it is the lightest engine per BHP by far.
The problem is the transmission.

OTOH, if you wanted to go the forced induction way, there’s the 260BHP kit for the VHPD from Turbo Techniques.
You pays your money…

That’s a Supercharger kit from TT isn’t it?

Personally I prefer NA every day of the week, having driven numerous Turbo charged cars and owned and tracked my MR2 Supercharger, going back to NA is lovely IMHO… Horses for courses but for my money going mad with NA is the way to go

Me too, hence the lack of any forced induction in the foreseeable future.