Armourgard Protection

Gentlemen, I’m rather a Luddite, but have been reviewing discussions and am seeking your guidance. I have just traded in a Mk 2 Elise for a 240R (OK awaiting delivery - when Lotus determine a spec) and am getting seriously confused by the bodywork protection available. The dealer has said he can stick Armourgard on, but am unsure of the long term consequences. During 3 years of owning the Elise I just had the basic protection sold through Lotus and it sufficed, but wonder if it is worth spending the extra cash when bearing in mind ‘invisibility’, effects on paint and UV? Help and is ther anything else I should consider?

After three years of ownership you will start to become sad looking at your car without it.

I think the stuff is pretty good these days and give the 240R colours as yellow or balc I think it’ll stay pretty invisable.

Chaps, what are the other options? EVO found a new one recently.


ps. Sorry, WELCOME! Great choice of car. You clearly have money as it’s the most expensive Exige ever made!

I appreciate your opinion. I am just a little confused as my Elise had ‘protection’ and it did seem to suffice, butfrom previous experience I just want to invest now so I don’t pay later, so plea the more critical the better.

From my point of view, how I and my friends of the Scottish Elises drive up here, paint is a consumable item. The car will need a respray every year.

My car was down to the gelcoat (not primer) and so are many up here.
I have now fitted the only coating that covers all the leading edges: Defendall.
Armourfend or Invcashield cover only the straighter panels and after a while the leading edges are worn through anyway.

Call them, they have the patters for most cars now.