Are they very nickable?

Hi GuysThis is my first post on here!!!I am about to find myself a nice Exige but was wondering if there is any major problem with the cars being a target for the thieves.I am asking this as I will have to leave it parked on my drive at night, although saying that it is fairly secure due to gates and telescopic security posts, but when I had an Evo6 recently we had several attempts to steal the vehicle.Has anybody experienced any problems or as it is a two seater is it less of a stealable vehicle.Thanks in advance for any replies.

V8Like you, I used to have an EVO V1, & was *hit shared of it either being nicked whilst parked, or worse, being car jacked when driving it around. It obviously appealed to boy racers & serious criminals!I am careful where I park my Exige, but I have no worries about car jacking - it’s hardly an ideal ram raid car for making a quick getaway full of swag! Everyone seems to “smile” when they see an Exige, unlike the reaction you probably experience in the EVO. If it’s going to be nicked, it’ll probably be to order for export & will dissappear in the back of a truck - rather than be taken by the opportunist joyrider.It makes sense to ensure you have a CAT1 alarm & tracker fitted, & try & park it so it’s not easy to load into a covered truck. As I said above, the reaction you will get from everyone (from little kids, through the complete spectrum to grannies) will be positive - provided you don’t drive like a *wat on normal roads [image][/image]

VeeEight,You may want to consider purchasing the optional detachable steering wheel, which I think is a rather good deterrent to your Exige being driven away and indeed towed (if you leave the wheels pointing towards the curb).And just to reiterate - you’ll get a whole load less grief and jealously with the Exige than with the EVO6. I came over from an M3 to the Exige and instead of the two fingered salute, I now get waves and smiles in their place!!

Out of interest does anybody know of an Exige being stolen? When I first insured mine, I remember the insurance guy saying that the Elise suffered from an exceptionally low level of theft.

Given what a swine they are to climb into, and what a horrendous racket mine makes, I figure if you’re daft/brave/flexible enough to get in, hot wire it, and get away, you’re welcome to it.

Exactly. As pointed out above, they’re hardly conspicious, and are only likely to be stolen to order of for parts. Although I should imagine the Elise suffers for it more. Soft top, little more common…

quote:Originally posted by MattyB:As pointed out above, they’re hardly conspicious…Err, I think you mean inconspicious [image][/image]

Err,Pesky I think you mean inconspicUous [image][/image] [image][/image]

True [image][/image]

D’oh. Yes, thats what I meant! [image][/image]We got there in the end though [image][/image]