Are there any good dealers out there ????

I have been trying to deal with Orchard in Northampton for some work on the Exige (still cutting out when restarted from Hot). Has anyone else found them to be completely useless ???Can anyone recommend any good dealerships in the Northampton area?

Sparky74,I am not aware of any other dealers in the Northampton area [image][/image]However, try Nick Whale Sportscars, Birmingham, which is not far from you, and ask for Andrew. Nick Whale Sportscars have always treated me well and I have found them to be very professional.RegardsKev.I wonder if I can claim commission for this [image][/image][This message has been edited by Kp (edited 29 October 2002).][This message has been edited by Kp (edited 30 October 2002).]

I’ll second the good service from Nick Whale SportscarsBought the car and had it looked after by them - never less than 100% impressed - they even give you a smile when they give you the bill!Giles

[image][/image] Def recommend Nick Whale - they know what they are servicing. Beware, some real muppet Lotus dealers out there - never heard a bad word for Nick Whale tho’.

Yep, the guys at NW are great. Ive just had my ECU re done and the cars sweet. They also sorted my tick over as it kept cutting out as well. Give them a call

Errr there is always…err…Never mind !!

Thanks chaps, Birmingham is a bit too far, will have to keep trying at Northampton.So far they reckon the stalling is down to a cracked lead and a knackered plug - basically the car’s running on 3 cylinders.Who knows the saga continues…