Are S1's getting more expensive?

Maybe it’s just the time of year, but it seems that it won’t be long before the early S2’s are cheaper than low mileage S1’s

I’m putting it down to a rarity thing, as the S2 isn’t a limited run like the S1. Looks at the moment that you can’t buy an S1 for under 20k, regardless of condition.

Good news for us peeps who already have one in the garage.

Come winter time it might all change again.

It could be something to do with all those things or that they are miles more sexy by a whole Angelina Jollie/Kelly Brooke combo experience?

I may be biased

Runs for cover, hiding in a challenger tank etc…

S1 ones do seem to be holding their value well at the moment. But, most of the high priced ones are sat on dealers forcourts for quite a long time…just because they are advertised at that price does not mean they thats the price they go for…great that they are holding price though.

If no-one on this site sold their S1 (or S2) for less tha �30k we could probably influence the market.

We have the power…

Alright, “I WILL NOT SELL MY S1 FOR LESS THAN �30K”! Ok, who will join me?


ps. Or ever!


I actually won’t sell it for less than �33K !

Actually, if somebody came to me with that money, I don’t even know if I could sell mine