Are RS14s a straight swap for standard pads?

B&C have just asked if the Pagids I am going to supply for the service are a straight swap for the standard ones that are currently on there?The standard pads have created a ridge at the edge of the disk which the Pagids must obviously not rub against.Anybody?Cheers, Ian [image][/image]

Hi Ian,Mine were a straight swap…but I have heard about people who have had to file some off to get them in the caliper.

IanMine were a straight swap as well - good move [image][/image]

Thanks chaps.It doesn’t sound that it’s going to fox them too much even if they don’t quite fit.What with the 190, I’m looking forward to going and stopping faster at Silverstone!Ian [image][/image]

IDGIf the ridge is quite big - i’d get them to skim the discs before fitting new pads otherwise it will destroy your new PAGIDS.Is the ridge in the inner or outer edge of the disc? I noticed that the greenstuff pads I fitted covered more of the inner edge of the disc than the standard pads - irrelevent maybe, but you might be interested?

The ridge is no issue, and in the first hundred miles or so that will wear into the new pad. Don’t worry about it.SteveB