Hi, new user here. I’ve owned an Elise for two years now and have just test driven the 111r and Exige. Mind is well made up to get the Exige S2. Now I must start the sleepness nights of specs? I have in my mind an Ardent red Exige.

No matter where I look I can’t find a picture of one in this colour.

I’ve seen some here have this colour Exige. Any chance of posting a pic? Or anyone who can direct me to a site with one featured.

Many thanks

Good choice Dave!

If it’s going on track the performance pack, with its oil coolers, is a very good idea.

As for colour, red S1 Exiges are pretty rare (see here) and I haven’t seen an S2 in red…although was that one in France with the roof off (tut!) red? Anybody?

Personally I’m not sure if it loses something; a bit too much like a normal car.

Hope that helped.


I only get up to the Nurburgring at least twice a year. It will spend most its time on the road. I think the sports tourer pack will be my best option. The car should cope without these extra coolers?

I think the Ardent red on Elises looks awesome. Other colour options. Silver I think looks good and the titanium.

The forged alloys… worth it??

Tricky one that, but without the coolers, the engine will get worked much harder on track. Where abouts are you? If in Europe it sounds as if you may get them anyway.


Have seen one in red they look quite good, personally I would only ever want black wheels on the car as it means you never have to clean them! I’ve got one in arctic silver and it looks the business, yellow also looks cool. For every day driving the enigne really is over cooled and you don’t get any overheating -oil coolers would probably be handy if you were using it on the track loads but not essential, I mean it’s not like the 111R has them and that uses the same engine.

For a colour guide, you could try
ok, so it’s all Elise’s, & American (so the odd unavailable colour for uk) but all the brochure colours are shown.


Had a look around for you and found this Ardent Red

Hi, First post after lurking for a while, I have a picture of an ardent red S2, taken at the dealers when I was buying my black one.

But I cant figure out how to post pics on here, so can someone let me know how or I can email to you if need be.

Cheers, Ian.

First you need to host the pic. You can either do that on any web space you have, or put it on something like (which is free).

Then you simply do a posting and click on the word ‘Image’ under the ‘Instant UBB Code’ menu, which is under the text entry box. A window will pop-up with a URL to enter. If you’ve put the picture on Photobucket then under each pic is the relevant URL. When you’ve enter the URL in the text box and pressed enter the correct code will appear in the text box. The picture should then appear when you submit the post. If you click on the ‘Quote’ button of a posting with a pic in you’ll see the code I’m talking about.

Good luck!


ps. Welcome to the site!

Cheers for your responses. I can’t beieve how hard it is to get a picture of a red S2 Exige!

Ardent Red was one of the 4 colours I was looking at, really do like the look of the red. Unfortunatly the ‘Naggin Tackle’ poo poo’d 3 of the colours, that left a choice of magnetic blue (which looks really special in the flesh). Her excuse for not having the red was ‘the Z3 you sold was red and the RX8 we have is red, PLEASE choose another colour’. Master in my own house or what Go for the red, seen an S2 Elise in red looks fantistic. She is a major share holder in the Exige though so something had to give.

I have an Ardent Red S2 Exige.

These are crap pictures as they were taken with the Mrs camera phone…but might give you an idea anyway.

Many thanks for the picture ‘halfpenny’. Decision made. Ardent red it will be. Sports tourer pack.

Good choice !