Aqua S1 whereabouts

Just had a photographer contact me about his dad’s old S1 Exige in Aqua - can’t even recall seeing one in this colour…anyone know where it is?


Guess you have checked already but at least it is still in UK and taxed and MOT and only about 27k miles.

I used to own X593 XVF and X596 XVF

Yes, well I haven’t but Jack (son of Aqua owner) has done a fair bit of sleuthing but thought he’d ask.

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Wasn’t there a husband and wife who each had one in the same colour? I recall seeing one at Ribble Valley Lotus many years ago when I had the Elise111S

Hi Paul T,
I can’t answer your question, but at least four of the Exige S1 were manufactured in Aqua.
Alas one these has been resprayed black and resides in France, another White and resides in Italy. Of the two UK registered cars, one is Y registered and this one which has only completed 2235 miles in the last ten years.
Not surprising Aqua coloured Exige S1’s are rarely spotted.

I must admit I don’t recall having this colour as an option when I bought mine in 2000/2001.

Cracking info there, I’ll pass this thread on. I remember looking at 2 rare colour Elises when I first started hunting in 2003/4 - one was Aqua and the other Lava Orange. You really don’t see them often, even on Elises.