ap racing brake upgrade

Does anyone out there know of or have experiance of ap racing 4 or 6 pot calipers for the exige? I have just picked up my w reg exige and am finding the brakes limited, they look like the standard elise ones to me.

The brakes worried me at first but you do get use to leaning on them hard to make them effective. Although that does make it interesting when you get in a car with servoed brakes and you shoot everybody through the window the first time you come to a stop!If you’re going to change something, you may wish to start with new pads, Pagid RS14s (now RS15) seem to be derigeur. I believe they are the ones sold as Lotus Motorsport pads.Braided hoses and changing the oil should also help on trackdays.If you do a search on the site you should find a load of comments on brakes.Ian [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image][This message has been edited by IDG (edited 05 August 2002).]

Yup, reckon a set of Pagid RS-14’s all round, with braided brake hoses and fresh fluid (Castrol Super DOT4 is fine, no real need to fork out 4x price for SRF, but if you want to, its not a bad thing!).This setup gives awesome stopping power.Changing to 4 pot fronts is something only to consider with an uprated rear caliper and probably a brake bias. You’re only really going to have to go this far if you’re on slicks.Have fun!Chris

had a reply from ap-racing.They do do calipers, and loyus sell them through the motorsport division, with a set of brackets for the standard uprights, and the front ones fit strait on the back.

This is the set up the Motorsport cars use. However, its no good for road use as there is no facility on the front calipers for a handbrake :-(Try the Pagids/hoses first, cheaper and I expect you’ll be impressed at the difference.CheersChris