AP/Lotus Sport brake rotors...

Hey Exiges-
I’m a little curious about what brake rotors people install when required – Lotus or aftermarket? I ask because that is what we do and with the dollar in the dumper…

I use these bells with Alcon discs.

Alloy Bells

AndyD posted the drawings on here about a year ago.

I’ve got some APs that came with my car, out of choice i’m quite happy EBCs though. I wouldn’t pay for standard Lotus discs, nothing wrong with them other than i see them as poor value.

Are those drawings still kicking about?




I don’t know what you guys pay but if you are interested please have a look at what we offer. Like I said before, with the dollar weak maybe it might be of interest to those in Europe.

Even with a weak $ those rotors aren’t cheap.
I use Alcon rotors too and very please with them.