AP Brakes - Rear

Following on from the front post …

The rears are not so easy because the caliper is fixed and not easy to re-locate as the front one, also the need for a handbrake limits the options for changing them - it could be possible however to fabricate a bracket and relocate them so you can use 295 discs and thus the exact same set up as the front on the rear - that idea has been discussed before ( thanks IDG ) and we are going to take a look at this option. Obviously there is more cost becuase of teh bracket and I’m a little unsure if the bracket is a great idea because of the fact the caliper is sliding and can ( I guess ) create a side load … anyhow it only has to move 8mm …


However what I ended up doing is just simply replace the standard disk with an AP 280mm diameter disk and special bell to eliminate the rust ring that you get on the standard setup.

I used the CP 4530 -160/161, Alcon do an exact replacement its the DV280/25/53-8/159L/R. ( Which is good because AP dont seem to be able to supply at the moment !)

The AP CP5000 312/3 is also a possability but the dimensions are complete different meaning another bell is required to use this disc - The 192 dimension is also very close to the pad which is at 196 but I guess it would be OK leaving 2mm gap.
( sorry SteveJ got my 196 and 192 mixed up today I think …)


The rears using the 280 AP disc below



The CP5000 version that may work …


Drawing of rear bell

Other points that may be useful

  • The diameter of the speedline Hub is larger than the Rimstock - good to know when making bells

  • If you run just Speedlines I guess the rear bell could include the 3mm spacer

Finally - yes I know the drawings are not perfect but as I’m operating the lathe it doesnt matter so much - I am going to get them done in 3D soon so if anyone wants the files - or if we want to get a job lot of bells made let me know …

Finally …

Brakes are subject to a lot of red tape beause they are a relative safety critical item … so the ideas I give here are just that - I’m not selling anything … its up to you to consider the possabilities.

Looks like a great arrangement. Where can one get the ali bells to fit the alcons? I take it these would need to be made up? Did you make them up yourself? If so - any plans do do some more?

I am in dire need of new discs all round and was considering the AP’s for the front and standard alibelled trackday discs (plans) for the rear. I am driving an S2 111s and am using it 2-3 times a month on the track.

I am happy to stay with 280 rotors at the back, but do not want the oems on my car again!

Thanks Andrew

Well you know my opinions Andy The cash is ready and waiting.

Great posts with lots of good information.

Definitely scope for a group buy on bells and rotors. Judging by the interest already shown in similar threads (and conversations) there’s a great opportunity for a cost effective upgrade for those interested. All we need to do now is agree the options

Yes please - great idea!

superb Andy

Finally - yes I know the drawings are not perfect but as I’m operating the lathe it doesnt matter so much - I am going to get them done in 3D soon so if anyone wants the files - or if we want to get a job lot of bells made let me know …

Something like this?

[image]Gallery | The Lotus Cars Community

As Tommy Cooper would say - just like that …

Parasolid pls

As Tommy Cooper would say - just like that …

Parasolid pls

Done and… done. I’ll u2u the details.

Great post!

Another thing you could do regarding the rust ring is use the front 295 disk and bell and just remachine the outside to fit your stock caliper, basically the external diameter of the stock disk.
No problem, no rust ring


Yep - I machined discs down for my Mini - only issue is you need a machine shop … but equally why not …

So what are the options then?

Front bells (12 bolt) fits 295 rotors
Rear bells (8 bolt) fits 280 rotors

Front rotors:
295 - AP 5000
295 - AP 3000 (if available)
295 - AP 4000 (if available)
295 - Alcon (any news on performance yet?)

Rear rotors:
295 (machined down to 290) - AP 5000
295 (machined down to 290) - AP 3000/4000 (if available)
280 - AP 5000
280 - Alcon

I assume machining them down won’t affect them structurally?

Lastly is anyone interested in a group purchase to get the costs down?

I’ll keep an eye on developments with this Steve until the bitter end, but I’m going to struggle to go for it at the moment since as you know, the money’s now going on a new fuel pump instead.

Now you know what it is , can’t you take it somewhere a little more economical? or swap it for mine and I’ll claim under the warranty

That would have been a great idea, but the plan’s now slightly flawed seeing as my car’s in loads of bits in NW’s workshop.

Fuel pumps, or any problems assosciated with fuel etc, is apparently a bit of a nightmare as access is gained from the cabin so the interior has to come out which all takes time. They had to do this anyway to find out the pump was definitely the problem, so i’ve probably ‘paid’ half the bill already by way of the strip-down.

Amazed it’s gone to be honest, just another thing to put down to experience I guess.

Weekend better be nice weather so I can go for a nice ‘spirited’ drive and get a smile back!

So what are the options then?

Spacer bracket on the rear and 295s. The option I kinda like the sound of.


I’m just sorting the brakes on my car at the moment.

For the rear you could probably use AP Racing

This is the lightest rear disc and I think has enough pad depth for the rear pads. Inc the bell its almost as light as an MMC disc!

If you’re fitting 2 pots to the rear then this one is worth a look since it has about the right amount of pad depth for the 2 pot caliper’s pad.

Its 285 so a smidge bigger than the standard rear disc but if you’ve got the radial mount 2 pot calipers on the rear then the calipers can easily be spaced out a little.

I’m going to use these discs on the front of my Elise. They will save over 3kg on the weight of the Eliseparts 282mm discs/bell that are currently fitted.

Nobody has mentined prices yet.
Any ballpark figures?


yes - but the mounting is floating - which make the setup more expensive and … AP cant deliver at moment


Alcon discs are 168 quid plus vat plus delivery

Bells are 65 quid plus vat ( just had the quote )

Yes - that means the whole setup is over 1000 but you pays yer money and takes yer choice …

Sorry, missed the floating part.

Just got off the phone from Perf Friction and they don’t do discs in the sizes I’m after so its Alcon for you I guess.

They have reduced the price of their 97 compound rear pads to fit the standard Exige/Elise caliper though, which is good news. They are around the same as Pagids now but work better from cold and also when hot than RS14s in my experience.

Just ordered a set of AP disks from elise parts http://www.eliseparts.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=114&products_id=567
what problems are there regarding the rear 290mm disks with the handbrake?. Carsten has a set on his Honda Exige and said they went on fine but then I found this http://www.exiges.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=s2s&Number=60897&Forum=,All_Forums,&Words=&Searchpage=1&Limit=25&Main=60744&Search=true&where=bodysub&Name=2141&daterange=1&newerval=1&newertype=y&olderval=&oldertype=&bodyprev=#Post60897
which seems to suggest there are going to be problems. Can anyone shed any light my way, the disks should arrive on tuesday.