AO48s for sale

Full set, only 75 miles track use, looking for �350.Cheers

Hi Mark,Where are you located, contact details etc???Cheers!Will

Ahhhh… MarkD = Hemel / Yamaha R1 etc. Wow… what a small world!

Yep - thats the one! May not be selling them as I can’t get hold of Ao32s in the rear sizes anymore :frowning: Ao48s were much slower than the 32s, others have been going quicker on them so figured I need to do a test day or two with them before flogging…Cheers

I guess it’s setup, could it be tyre pressures?On the last day at KH I felt that even though the rear grip was OK, the front was pushing waaay too much, less grip than the 39’s.Anybody that’s runnning faster with the 048’s can tell me their tyre pressures?Uldis

UldisWhen I first fitted the 48’s I was not over impressed but after trial and error I found the pressure had an unexpected effectI run mine at 23f 26r when the tyres are at full running temp and I now have just a little oversteer but it has given me lots of confidence to push the car Down side is I am not getting much wear out of the tyresJohnCps What a nice job on the rear clam I am tempted to give it a try myself (not as handy as I used to be) [image][/image]

ChapsA little bird (who is definately in the know), suggests running the 48s at 21 psi (IMPORTANTLY WHEN COLD) all round [image][/image] Haven’t had chance to try this myself yet, as I’ve previously run on them same as John, BUT when cold.

And do not forget to re-inflate to standard before you leave the track to go home.

What’s definitive pressures to run tyres on road and do they need different pressures on track? Currently mine are at 23 front, 26 rear when cold, which is what the garage supplied them asa

23/26 are the recommended road pressures Kam. I think the ideal would be to reduce to 21 once you had got to the track, do a few laps, then adjust to 28 hot.