AO48's for sale (brand new)

Hi Guys, haven’t posted for a loooooong time. Have a brand new set of AO48’s, suitable Exige / 135R etc. still with the courier banding on. Stamped LTS (of course). Only reason for sale is I’ve sold my 135R so won’t be needing them. Must go so any offers?

  • Suppose I could make a Damien Hurst type work of art with them…

can you confirm they are the exige sizes as I think elise ones are smaller - well they are on eliseparts anyway.
If they are exige sizes i.e 16 front 17 rear pm me with how much you want.

Interested in rears (225/45R17) if you are willing to split the set.

Interested in all 4 - if the price is right - 225/45/R17 (rears) and 195/50/R16 (fronts) currently on mine.

Guys - will check sizes when I get home.
You will need to phone me. Home (01746 710708 / 07748 118833) as I only use internet at work. Also I’m out of country for 18 days from Monday night. So if someone needs them quickly, call me before then.

AO48’s - just got back after 18 days… no takers?

  • really need the room in the garage so come on guys - how much are they worth…? Or doesn’t anyone want/ need any repalcement rubber?

Ooooops. Forget to say. Sizes are 225/45R17 & 195/50R16 LTS
and I can e-mail photos if required.

I Have pm`d you.

Sorry chaps, forgot to put price on…
�500.00 the set, buyer collects / sorts courier.



Bought a pair of Toyo TS1s to put me on through winter, Thanks for your call the other day,It proved too difficult to persuade “her indoors” of the merits of the A048s after recent spending on car: i.e: buying it.
Steve T

Are these still for sale ?



I’ve e-mailed you photos of the tyres.
See top of thread for sizes etc.
Please call me if you want them.

Tyres now SOLD